React Native Starter: Fast-Track Your Android App Development

Dive into React Native boilerplate – a reliable foundation for crafting effective Android applications.

Key Features

  • Android 13+ Compatibility: Stay updated with the latest Android version support.

  • State Management with Context: Centralized and efficient data handling.

  • Configured Splash Screen: Engage users right from the app's launch.

  • Tailored Bottom Navigation: Seamless in-app navigation experience.

  • Analytics with Firebase: Gain insights into user behavior and app performance.

  • CI/CD with GitHub Actions: Automated workflows ensuring consistent code quality and releases.

Getting Started

To get started with the React Native boilerplate, you will need to become a GitHub sponsor. Once you are a sponsor, you will automatically gain access to the repository.

From there, you can clone the repository and start using the boilerplate for your projects.

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