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Deploying Next.js apps to Netlify

Published March 7, 2023Last updated September 26, 20232 min read

This post covers the main notes for deploying to Netlify and domain setup.


  • Next.js app bootstrapped


Add a new site, import the Git repository, set up environment variables, and trigger the deployment. The deployed project will be available at the <PROJECT_NAME>.netlify.app URL.

The deployment happens every time new changes are pushed to the production branch.

Preview will be available for every pull request commit.

DNS setup

A purchased domain is needed. You can buy it at Namecheap website.

Add a domain at the Site settings Domain management Domains page.

Go to Account Dashboard Manage Advanced DNS page for the purchased domain on the Namecheap website. Create two records

  • A record with @ host to point to Netlify server IP address with the specified value (
  • CNAME record with www host to point to Netlify load balancer with the specified value (apex-loadbalancer.netlify.com)

It might take some time for the changes to apply.



Here is the link to the boilerplate I use for the development.