NestJS Starter: A Solid Start for Your Backend

NestJS boilerplate offers a reliable foundation for building server-side applications effectively.

Key Features

  • User Endpoints: Fetch, list, and create users effortlessly.

  • Postgres Database: Integrated with migrations and seeders.

  • CI Pipeline: Automated workflows with GitHub Actions.

  • Testing: Comprehensive unit, integration, and e2e tests.

  • API Documentation: Detailed docs for easy integration.

  • Docker Ready: Hassle-free deployment.

Tech Stack

  • Node.js, TypeScript, NestJS, TypeORM

Getting Started

To get started with the NestJS boilerplate, you will need to become a GitHub sponsor. Once you are a sponsor, you will automatically gain access to the repository.

From there, you can clone the repository and start using the boilerplate for your projects.