Electron Starter: The Foundation for Your Next Desktop Application

Electron boilerplate lays the groundwork, simplifying your path to a reliable desktop application.

Key Features

  • TypeScript with Next.js and Tailwind CSS for Renderer: Smooth UI development and styling in one setup.

  • TypeScript for Electron Main Process: Cleaner code, optimized for Electron's main process.

  • GitHub Action Workflows: Efficient CI tasks with simplified GitHub releases.

  • Integrated Logger: Built-in tool for easy debugging and monitoring.

Tech Stack

  • Node.js, TypeScript, Electron, Next.js, React, Tailwind CSS

Getting Started

To get started with the Electron boilerplate, you will need to become a GitHub sponsor. Once you are a sponsor, you will automatically gain access to the repository.

From there, you can clone the repository and start using the boilerplate for your projects.